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village of lost soul's

village of lost soul's
actually a picture I took of a place from my rooftop,it looks so dark.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Fresh startwithout charity, we have nothing! the only way to give love and a part of yourself to someone is through the JESUS theory, And thru the grace of GOD that you have possesion of your own mind.

mislead souls to an illusion

for the eye's that have seen wickedness are now shut tight forever! but the conciousness is still awake! instantly realizing that not alone seemingly could'nt speak or have no need to listen for anything, but an inner vision of shadows in waistland we're millions of clear bags that birst every other second, containing fluids' though if any of the substance spill from the packets out upon the waistland, depending on the amount lost from the clear bag measures the handicap of that particular soul. if the fluids are waisted out of the clear bag completly this means that the soul was beyond repair. the shadows formed in shape of angles and their job is to seal, recycle and address those packets, with motions of grievence for those substance that were lost below the waistland, not to judge but just to understand that those were ( mislead souls to an illusion ).white throne judgement

How it all began

  • Let us began with a prayer of our choice in the biblical sense on war and frustration, Lost of our love ones that was murdered of their innocents, all has to be considered self destruction, the gift and curse of our ans-esters, Black live's matters. REMEMBERING!
At one time or another along with reading the bible we’ve also have read reference guides/books from politic's to religion just a reminder like matthew green. Anna D. smith (let me down easy) or pigs in a polar) Frank and Ida Mae Hammond. my Blogs: or @vogier.
blogs on related stories of the distances between America and the holy land, foreigners searching for better lives leaving behind their families looking for work but we read about people who exile from different  countries in the matters of being illegal entry and rather they‘re  to return home. We also hear on Terrorism-Obamas decision to fence the enemy, Labor transports(some of the government officials/immigration leaders that has harbor immigrants rather for their personal use or not, programs on national security for our promising youth generation and their strategy to run our country meanwhile the economy: The arrogance, lie’s and deceit" all to much to bare. with the crowed" who needs tv reality-a lot of those beleaguered residents new home owners to pay their mortgage's  while the political voice seeks help explanations from city and country officials, people were being tax out of their homes in the southern suburbs(GOT SOCK) with 44% tax increase, in the matters of not ignoring the internal revenue, and files that return in these tough times even if owed money. Financing the GO GO  BY  Julianne malveaux: city council agents don't allow for citizens a broad range of credit that did not qualify before" in these day's and times i would considered it an blessing! in despite of those of us that don't distinguish the motivating speaker from the ministry of good teaching of God./(food for thought), where the material world weakens the soul for it's hunger to seek true will of Gods law fades into some illusion or fake emotions that i personally call impressionist(idle worship)  to distract Gods chosen from the knowledge that there is an spiritual warfare/as well as physical wars going on that soon to be no value on money and materials, only prayer in unity can defeat evils doing and thetr purposes............lets value the soul not the flesh.

   SOLD OUT!~$ %# 
 sometimes when making an attempt to set goal's to be closer to gods will, one least distraction can make you lose your concentration, than we lose our whole intention's on what was needed to do or achieve" be in the image of god himself and what he would expect most from us is to LOVE, DISAPPROVE on war/hate never have conversation or quote the word/scriptures without your bible or either waiting on some one to call your attention on something you already knew! and that is to pray for unity among our many nations" we are vulnerable to sin so we can easy lose the original idea of purifying our thoughts with (world peace).back to the drawing board with the undesirable confusion, for the cause of economies illusions that greed or money is the answer" but again" NOW WHAT IF GOD HAD THAT SAME ATTITUDE ABOUT: the way we sometime see and interpret some scripture's in the BIBLE" that God is a jealous God not a material one.  PEOPLE WON'T LET IT INTERPRET IT'SELF! again for the lack of faith' some don't even read the bible at all. so the result's of being vindictive: remember we can't change a persons mind always, but we can alternate them to use it, and if they choose not to, than your simply are SOLD OUT..............

so always pray before reading and keep your bible handy. by @vogier1 Fri, 20 Jan 2012 14:23:43 -05:00 Mon, 03 Sep 2012 10:34:38 -04:00

Monday, March 26, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


There's an undesirable me, that shadows all the goodness about our charecter's' FLAWSESS' that haunt the greatness of our being, And when this happens who is there in our defence? yes JESUS CHRIST!!! standing in the front line with open arms' awaiting to accept our repentance for forgiveness saying NOW WHO SHALL BE THE FIRST TO CAST THE STONE?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

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